Growing up in The Philippines, Australia, and Los Angeles, Rhea Morales learned health and fitness techniques all over the world and incorporates what she learned in her classes today.

Inspired to overcome her own weight-loss issues as a teen, Rhea began by joining a gym and took on cross-country running. The confidence she gained by racing three-mile courses changed her life.

Her fitness journey continued by studying Shaolin Kung Fu, the Eastern concept of Chi cultivation, and broadened it to include kickboxing, Brazilian and Japanese jujitsu, mixed martial arts and eskrima.

In 1997, Rhea moved to New York and was introduced to many mind-body movement practices, such as the Alexander Technique, Pilates, and both Ashtanga and Jivamukti yoga. This new perspective on fitness included muscle balance and preventative techniques to avoid injuries, release tension, reduce stress and help improve communication between mind and body.

After giving birth to her son, she moved back to LA and focused on learning alternative health practices to address her son’s food allergies and spinal strengthening for her bad back (now healed). These experiences intensified her passion for healthy lifestyles.

Rhea has personally trained with martial artists, track coaches, olympic lifters and mind-body Yoga gurus all over the United States. She is now a Rishi Institute certified Yoga instructor, a Corrective Exercise Specialist through the BioMechanics Method, and an ACE nationally certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and fitness nutrition specialist and sports performance specialist. Rhea is also certified with AARP in training older adults and in Zumba, Therapy Stretching, Schwinn cycling, TRX, and R.I.P.P.E.D.

She teaches fitness and yoga classes all over the valley, such as interval and total body conditioning, Parkinson’s chair classes, kickboxing and yoga. Her clients are from all walks of life: seniors, working parents, teenagers and children, even company and organization employees.

Rhea also helps young athletes overcome muscle imbalances and injuries. She trains people to lose weight, tone muscles, heal joint pain and improve athletic performance. Her experiences have led her to take a holistic approach to fitness, creating very individualized programs to suit her client’s specific needs, levels and types.

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