“I have been training with Rhea over a year and WOW! This experience has been great. Coming from some issues like knee injuries, 5 hernias, and a heart attack, she managed to make a program that fits my recovery. The sessions developed are wonderful and efficient. The price for the quality of training is difficult to beat. Since associating with her skills and craft, I am now in better shape than I used to be. My knee injury is no longer affecting me, my hernia has healed, and we are working on the cardio to ensure the heart is healthier. Thank you for your hard work and preparation for my sessions.” –Stephane Drolet

“I met Rhea over a year ago, when I joined the YMCA. She was my Pilates instructor. I soon realized that she really knew how to teach students of all levels. Although there were several other instructors, I always preferred to take her class. I have a 10mm herniated disc and was working with Kaiser to schedule surgery. You see, I was in so much pain taking several pain medications per day. Every morning, I was struggling to get up and walk. My pain was so severe I was taking anything to take my pain away. Then, couple of months ago, Rhea announced that she was taking private clients. I told her that if she could help me with my pain, I was willing to try anything. She said ” If I help you with your pain, will you still go for surgery”. I said ” I don’t think I need to”.
It’s been two months and she has really pin pointed where the pain is coming from and helped me through corrective exercises to bring me back my normal life. Although I am not 100% yet, I am very close to it. I have my life back.
Rhea has the patience of an angel. She watches your every move and correct you. In the process, I have lost inches and flatten my stomach. Yay!!
Feel free to email me at: npeiris1990@gmail.com” –Angie Peiris

“I cannot tell you how much Rhea Morales changed my life! She helped my mom lose weight and become more physically fit! Her doctor told her he would not do a knee replacement until she did so! She is now 77 and has her new knee! Rhea has an amazing ability to work with those who have physical limitations like me and my mom… and those who can really take a hard workout. In spite of my limitations she always pushes me to be the best I can be! Best Trainer Ever. Please hire her, you will not regret one minute… my only regret is that I moved too far away to use her myself right now :-(” –Karen Taylor

“Rhea helped me lose 14 pounds in six weeks!” –Taishel Stannard

“Rhea is TOP NOTCH! I can’t recommend her enough! Being a beginner at boxing was pretty intimidating… but with her encouragement and techniques, I became pretty proficient in no time. She pushes me Just Enough every time! I absolutely love training with her and wish I could do it all the time! She is mighty, fierce and a force to be reckon with!” –Mercedes Cusick

“When I started training with Rhea, I was afraid that if I worked out my shoulder, it would hurt more. Rhea helped me by starting out very slowly, just moving my arm and shoulder and doing a lot of stretching and now weights. I have met my main goals of getting more mobility in my right shoulder and to strengthen my lower back. Now I can do pushups off my knees, squats, lunges and I can move my shoulder with no pain. I also have much better posture.”  –Lisa Davis

“Rhea is an exceptional trainer on so many levels. Her dedication to her field is evident in so many ways. She truly is invested in the progress and well being of her clients. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the human musculature and that shows itself in the personalized programs set for the client. I benefited so much from the time I spent with her. She even introduced me to a new sport… boxing! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” –Norma Derr

“Rhea has been training me for quite some time now! She is amazing at what she does! My workouts are intense and I have seen so much progress! I lost 14 pounds and feel lighter, stronger and more confident.” –Jasmine Haddad

Rhea is an amazing trainer! This is the first time I’ve ever had a personal trainer like Rhea. She really takes the time to focus on me in all of my weaknesses, especially my general stenosis in my spine. I was nervous as first because I wasn’t sure what I signed up for but since my first training session, I’ve had no fear and now my back is stronger than it has ever been. She pushes my body to a whole other level while following spinal precautions. I’m so happy that I can still workout with simple modifications. I highly recommend Rhea for any physical condition. — Janet Brooks

“Rhea is incredible! She gets motivated by your positive results. She then pushes you beyond what you think is possible for yourself. Trust me. It is more than a push. She coaches you through the next level. Rhea helps you to realize that you can accomplish anything.
Her training isn’t something that you see on your calendar and dread. Instead, you say “Wow! What else can l do?” She is a trainer of trainers! I apply her training methods to other areas of conquering difficult situations. Thank you so much Rhea! (5,000 stars for you!)” –Benjamin Brown

I had arthritis and scoliosis in my spine. I was in so much pain, I couldn’t even stand straight. After taking Rhea’s pilates classes regularly, the pain in my back is 80% to 90% gone. and I was able to go back to running marathons. –Isela Hernandez

“Rhea was my first personal trainer at a gym I attended. I am thankful to her for helping me walk a road to health. I am 71 years old. Rhea personalized my regimen (have not exercised in years) starting with moves that was easy to do and I could remember doing at home. She was the utmost professional explaining which muscles and more important -why. Her moves flow smoothly into one another.  I felt cared by Rhea. With my age, she taught me to be careful, to be watchful  and to integrate exercise to my life.
I feel stronger and more self confident about my body now.” –Mayee Crispin

“I love Rhea, she’s an amazing person to work and train with. She has a lot of great strength, motivation, and keeps up the hard work!” –Rameesa Khan

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