I offer smart training that teaches proper body mechanics and the right mindset, so you will get thriving results, more energy and less burn out.
In this program, you will get stronger, more motivated and gain more energy, increasing your passion for fitness, which leads to better results without breaking down the joints or feeling tired all the time.

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PERSONAL TRAINING: Are you looking to lose weight, build muscle, sculpt your body, ease muscle or joint pain, or simply learn to exercise in a safe and efficient manner? Work with me and I will create a specific program to help you meet your goals. I will also patiently coach you in your lifestyle habits. Personal training is very specific to the individual. I work closely with my clients to make sure the program works for them.



TRX and Suspension Training: Use the TRX and other body suspension tools for a fun and effective body weight workout.

Suspension training can help support you when doing difficult exercises, and can challenge you as you get stronger by teaching you how to lift your own body weight. Learn to engage your core; building true strength, grace, balance and control.

Suspension equipment adjusts to your fitness level.




YOGA: This ancient practice has been proven to cure mental disorders, reduce stress, ease pain and so much more. If you are looking to advance your yoga practice, learn how to do higher level poses, cultivate your breathing technique, target muscular or postural imbalances or gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual and intellectual components of yoga, I’d love to help you on that journey.




PILATES: This physical therapy and core strengthening practice was first developed by Joseph Pilates and has been evolving ever since. Our core holds our body up and keeps us centered. Without a strong core, our shoulders are tense and burdened. A strong core protects our spine, gives us optimal posture and the strength to handle more difficult athletic tasks such as sports, heavy weight lifting or just keeping up with your kids. I have successfully taught pilates for well over ten years, enriching the lives of many who used to suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain.


MARTIAL ARTS: Tone your body, strengthen your core, and attain flexibility while getting an incredible cardio workout with kickboxing. As a 2nd degree black belt in traditional martial arts, I also teach karate, kung fu, tai chi and weapons. I have 30 years experience in traditional martial arts and MMA fighting. Martial arts can be used for spiritual growth, fitness or sport. It is a personal art that can empower inner strength and creativity.



CORRECTIVE EXERCISE (BIOMECHANICS METHOD): Do you suffer from pain in your neck, shoulders, back, feet, knees etc.? It could be due to a muscle imbalance or incorrect movement. As a nationally certified corrective exercise specialist, I have been successful in correcting stiff or weak muscles, or incorrect movement in my clients, so they can live pain free and move their body more confidently.


SPORTS PERFORMANCE COACHING: As a sports performance coach, I’m accredited to train athletes so they may improve in their sport. This includes strengthening the right muscles, increasing endurance, speed and agility. As a corrective exercise specialist I can also help with targeting weak muscles and dealing with common injuries so you come out more powerful than ever. Training these skills on top of practicing your sport can be the greatest variable to becoming a champion.



FITNESS/SPORTS NUTRITION: I am also a nationally certified fitness and sports nutritionist, which makes me qualified to work with people who need to tweak their diet for weight loss, muscle gain or sports performance. Are you getting the right ratio of carbs, protein and fat? Are you eating the right foods at the right time so you’re body adapts best to your workouts? Are you getting enough vital nutrients to enhance your athletic performance? If you are trying to lose weight, are you doing it in a healthy way that doesn’t hurt your metabolism or break down your muscles and joints? If your diet is right, you should have sufficient energy, a strong immune system and a body that heals and adapts to your workouts. If you’d like some expert advice on any of these situations, feel free to ask.

“I have been training with Rhea over a year and WOW! This experience has been great. Coming from some issues like knee injuries, 5 hernias, and a heart attack, she managed to make a program that fits my recovery. The sessions developed are wonderful and efficient. The price for the quality of training is difficult to beat. Since associating with her skills and craft, I am now in better shape than I used to be. My knee injury is no longer affecting me, my hernia has healed, and we are working on the cardio to ensure the heart is healthier. Thank you for your hard work and preparation for my sessions.” –Stephane Drolet

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