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PostHeaderIcon Belly Fat and Muscle, Part III of my series on what to do about belly bulge

Sometimes a large belly can be a sign of excess body fat. The best way to get rid of this body fat is to adapt to a fitness lifestyle of proper nutrition and exercise.  To burn of this fat, you must burn more calories than you are taking in. This doesn’t mean that you should starve yourself. Self starvation can lead to stress which can cause belly fat to be stored in the mid section. (for more on how stress can lead to belly fat check out this post: Starvation can also lead to a lowered metabolism and an inability to burn fat. (for more on how to raise your metabolism, check out this post:

The best way to lose fat is to commit to a long term plan where you burn no more than two pounds a week (so your body does not starve) This means you have to burn more or eat around 300-600 calories less than you normally would in one day.  For more on calculating your caloric intake, check out this post:

People often ask me why the fat is coming off every other part of their body except their belly. Genetics is one factor. Where we lose fat first is different for every individual. For example: I know that when I lose weight, I lose it in my feet first, then my face, then my arms, then my boobs, then my butt, then my thighs, then my belly. If you still have fat in your belly but you have lost weight everywhere else, you simply have to lose a bit more for the weight to come off your belly.

The other factors might be stress or bloating. Stress can ‘cause the body to hold excess fat specifically in the mid-section. To understand how this works check out my post on How Stress Leads to Belly Fat:

If you are abusing your digestive organs with stress or improper nutrition, you might have bloated digestive organs and this can cause a protrusion in your midsection. For more on this, check out my post on How Bloating Can Lead to a Large Belly:

Can strengthening exercises help flatten the midsection? It can up to a certain point. If you have fat surrounding your muscles, the muscle will not make the fat disappear. However, if you lack the muscles that wrap around your waste like a corset in order to hold your internal organs in, toning the core will help you gain a more streamlined appearance.

A weak abdominal region will cause bad posture that will make your back arch and your belly protrude forward. A weak back will cause your spine to hunch, making you look tired, old or insecure.

Movements that help strengthen the core include: Planking, mountain climbers, leg lifts, dead lifts, crunches, sit ups, back extensions, pilates and balancing.

On top of having wash board abs, having a strong core will build beautiful posture. It will also help to prevent injuries and help you move more efficiently in any athletic endeavor.

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  • Aika says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips. This will be really helpful! I was so frustrated when I started noticing my ‘belly fat’. It doesn’t look good for me because I’m considered underweight. It kind of makes me look malnourished. Worried about my looks, I signed up for a gym session and continue doing workouts at home. But it’s hard for me to lose those belly fats while I work out to gain weight. I didn’t follow a healthy diet at that time, probably why I’m seeing no difference in my physique at all.

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