I’m Giving Away Free Fitness Videos!!!

I’m Giving Away Free Fitness Videos!!!

This week, I was thinking that cardio might be harder for those of you who live in towns that have made wearing a face mask outside the law, so I have taken the time to create 3 cardio videos, one low impact video for beginners and older adults, one intermediate video and one advanced video. Links below.

I’m also giving away videos on proper push ups, one for beginners who can’t do push ups or aren’t sure if they know how to do proper push ups and one for advanced practitioners who want more variety and strength. Links below.

While the in person fitness industry is not considered an “essential” business, exercise is absolutely essential. I want to make sure that you are still getting your regular workout because exercise and proper nutrition is the greatest prevention against disease and mortality.

Whatever you’ve had to sacrifice for your country, whether it’s your freedom or giving extra hours as a medical or grocery worker, the most important thing is that we take care of ourselves and each other. I’m sending out these videos because I know its hard for some of you who are used to going out or to a facility to get your physical exercise.

Go here for the BEGINNERS cardio video:

This is geared to older adults or people with joint or knee problems who can’t jump or squat without pain. It’s also geared to those who have never exercised before or who are recovering from any health condition but want to get started with fitness.

Go here for the INTERMEDIATE video:

This video contains squats, a few high impact moves (which can be modified for low impact) and some kickboxing moves. This workout had me sweating. 

Go here for the ADVANCED video:

This video is for more competitive fitness enthusiasts. It’s very challenging, but modifications are given. This workout had me huffing and puffing!

I hope this gift will help you bring variety to your workout during these crazy times. The videos are short, about 8 minutes long but they have enough variety that you can play them over and over again. For example, if you play the video 4 times, you will get a 32 minute cardio workout. 

The national guidelines for exercise says you should do at least 30 minutes of cardio a day, most days of the week. If you are doing very intense cardio, such as running or the one in my advanced video, 3 days a week is fine. Health professionals have been touting exercise as the magic pill that prevents most diseases and these guidelines are encouraged for people to maintain their health.

For more information on how exercise prevents disease, check out my blog, THE LIMITLESS PILL here:


Here’s a instructional video on how to do proper push ups. That way, you can get strong without the need of equipment

How To Do a Proper Push Up (step by step guide)


For those of you who already can do a proper push up but are looking for a more challenging way to strengthen, try this:

Advanced Push Ups For Strength and Muscle Gains


Strength training is important for maintaining muscle, protecting joint pain, osteoporosis and diabetes. For more information on the importance of strength training, here’s a link to my classic blog:

Why Women Should Strength Train:


Please accept these videos as my gift to you. If you are interested in online personal training sessions or classes via zoom or skype, feel free to contact me at rhea.morales@gmail.com.

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