rhea_heroes_-236In my many years of personal training and group fitness experience, I have seen wonderful displays of heroism.  I believe in heroism of all levels.  To me, you are a hero when you achieve the ability to change something about yourself that you couldn’t change before.  All my clients are heroes because all of them have come out of their safe shells and made the choice to change their health for the better.

When we are unhealthy, our hormonal system is out of whack. We can be tired, irritable, frail and unable to be the very best we can be.  When people take control of their health and empower themselves by changing their diet, sleep and exercise habits, they become stronger, balanced, more energetic and more able to be heroic and responsible citizens to their community.  Offering this power to my clients is my way of serving the world.  When you take control over your health, you take control of your relationships, your job, and your family life.

I hope that my articles can arm you with the knowledge you need to fight obesity, heart disease, muscle pains and diabetes and inspire you to take your health in your own hands so you can be stronger for those around you.

I’ve heard people say that there is no hope, that nothing can change in this world.  I am so blessed work in the fitness industry because all I see is people changing around me.  I see them getting stronger, losing weight, finding energy and overcoming illness.  Check out my inspiring page on local heroes.  I’ve met so many amazing people in my life that I have decided to showcase one every month so everyone can see that if we look towards the uplifting side of life, there are many things in this world to be proud of and look forward too.  It doesn’t take much to be a hero, but if we all try to improve ourselves in some way, the world would be a better place.

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