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I offer one on one in home, outdoor and in studio personal training specially designed to meet your specific goals.

I can modify anything to meet special needs. It doesn’t matter if you are at top condition, post rehab, older adult or completely out of shape.


“I cannot tell you how much Rhea Morales changed my life! She helped my mom lose weight and become more physically fit! Her doctor told her he would not do a knee replacement until she did so! She is now 77 and has her new knee!

Rhea has an amazing ability to work with those who have physical limitations like me and my mom… and those who can really take a hard workout. In spite of my limitations she always pushes me to be the best I can be! Best Trainer Ever.” –Karen Taylor


Consulting packages are also available if you can’t meet with me on a regular basis. In this case, you tell me your goals and talk to me about your lifestyle and I will write you out a diet and exercise plan to meet your specific needs.

I also contract and teach at corporations. I offer workshops on yoga, fitness, weight loss, proper lifting, healthy lifestyles and meditation.


“Rhea helped me lose 14 pounds in six weeks!” –Taishel Stannard


“When I started training with Rhea, I was afraid that if I worked out my shoulder, it would hurt more. Rhea helped me by starting out very slowly, just moving my arm and shoulder and doing a lot of stretching and now weights. I have met my main goals of getting more mobility in my right shoulder and to strengthen my lower back.

Now I can do pushups off my knees, squats, lunges and I can move my shoulder with no pain. I also have much better posture.”  –Lisa Davis

I am nationally certified or have special training in the following modalities:

Corrective exercise

Fitness and sports nutriton

Weight loss


Sports Conditioning


Weight lifting

Kickboxing and self defense



Tai chi and Chi Kung

“I had two herniated discs from a lifting injury and suffered from chronic sciatica pain. I started taking pilates with Rhea and felt myself getting stronger. Last July I went in for lower back surgery. I was not supposed to be cleared to exercise for 3-4 months. I was healed in 4 weeks! Both my doctor and I believe doing Rhea’s core strengthening is what contributed to my success. Rhea is amazing. She teaches just to your level and your pace. Everyone, including myself is always excited to work with her. I still take her classes as often as I can and hate to miss it. I feel amazing and I will be 60 years old in February.” –Angie Peiris


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