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PostHeaderIcon How To Fill Your Pants

Recently people have been asking me how they can tone their buns and “fill their pants.” In order to bring shape to that problem area, you need to wake up those gluteus muscles. Lunges are one of the best ways to fire up your buns. Also, you can isolate this area by using resistance bands and movements that target the glutes. This video demonstrates some floor exercises you can do using resistance bands that work out every angle of the gluteus muscles. Make sure you really squeeze your buns while you do these moves:

For the video, click here: How To Fill Your Pants

Besides its obvious aesthetic appeal, strong glutes protect the lower back and knees.

I love exercise bands. They are inexpensive, portable and effective. Plus, you can get them at most retailers. You can use them at home and while on vacation. If you like this video, I will post more uses for exercise bands. You can work out every single body part with them. Beginners can do this move without the band. Advanced practitioners can move up to thicker, more challenging bands.

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